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Car key locksmiths can recondition damaged ignitions in Honda Civics

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Car key locksmiths can recondition damaged ignitions in Honda Civics
Pop-A-Lock automotive trained locksmiths have the ability to cut and program just about any car key in the market.  This can include fobs, remote keys, transponder chip keys and keyless entry.  Additionally, we have expertise in fixing ignitions.  In this case, our team is fixing a 2004 ignition that has run into issues with the key not turning.  Your key won't turn in your Honda Civic ? Unfortunately this is a common problem with Honda vehicles where the key won't turn due to the internal track laser key wearing down the ignition wafers. Our locksmith is able recondition the ignition and do the work at the dealer.  In this case, the used car dealer is New Like Used in Hamilton.
For all your automotive key requirements, give Pop-A-Lock a shout.  Remember, if you are CAA member, you qualify for locksmith services.

Lockout Service

If your keys are locked in the vehicle, service will be sent to gain entry. If your keys are lost, broken, or we cannot gain entry into your vehicle, CAA provides up to $50 for locksmith service (where available) for Basic Members and up to $100 for Plus Members. In cases where the vehicle cannot be made operable, towing services will be provided (manufacturer restrictions may prevent completion of service). Locksmith service refund is comprised of ignition work and/or the making of one ignition key. Please note: the registered owner must be present while their vehicle is being serviced by a locksmith.