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Installing a door closer in an apartment building

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Installing a door closer in an apartment building

Our Pop-A-Lock Locksmith is taking great care in installing this door closer in an apartment building in Hamilton.  A common problem facilities find with closers is that over time they start to leak oil.  Closers that have oil leaking from the cylinder may present a risk to personnel - specifically the potential hazard it presents to those entering and exiting a doorway. The oil inside the closer drips down and can make floors extremely slick, not to mention stain the clothing and personal belongings of those passing beneath the closer. More importantly, when the oil drains from the cylinder, the closer’s ability to control the door is lost. If this were to occur, the door would swing freely and could lead to injuries (as well as costly damage to the door and frame).


Leaks typically occur in two forms: o-ring malfunction or cylinder cracks. One type of o-ring malfunction results from excessive use or abuse of the opening. This can cause the o-ring seal to wear, creating a leak point. A second way the pinion seal can malfunction is most commonly found in aluminum closers with steel pistons. The rigid steel piston can wear on the softer aluminum body, creating tiny metal contaminants - abrasive fragments - that can quickly wear an o-ring. In either case, replacing a pinion seal in the field is not an option.


The other potential malfunction - cracking in the closer cylinder body - may be caused by excessive use or abuse that can create excess internal pressure in the closer. These cracks are often undetected to the naked eye; over time, however, oil will begin to seep through. This condition is also not correctable in the field, and the closer must be replaced.