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Pop-A-Lock recently installed a Schlage Primus high security lock with a restrictive keyway on a homeowner's house in Hamilton.  This deadbolt is an upgrade to regular locks bought and sold in hardware or big box stores today.  They come with a variety of features that significantly add a new degree of security on your home or business.
The difference between a regular lock and a high security solution with restricted keyway is the following:
-Pick resistant/Bump protection
-Physically strength of the lock
-Key control
Pick resistance - due to the design of this lock, which includes finger pins, top bins and a side bar, the chances of any home break in is thwarted. Same can be said about anyone trying to use bumping methods as the the side bar interacts with the pins to increase security and prevents the lock cylinder from being compromised.
Drilling an ordinary lock is an everyday occurrence.  There are version of the Primus lock family that have UL listed hardened pins include that makes drilling a challenge if not an impossibility.
Key Control is the most important feature of this type of locking system.  Ordinary keys can be duplicated at your local hardware store or big box home depot.  A restricted keyway or high security solution allows for patented protecting key control.  Only the locksmith that cut and prepared the key can duplicate it for future needs.  Key control requires documentation and identification for additional keys. Restricted keyways are certainly more popular with businesses who are managing employees and risk management.  It is a great way to control who has been authorized to have a key and where that key is at all times.  These keys can be duplicated.
This system is a real nice recommendation for business looking for a master key system.
If you are a home owner or business owner, call Pop-A-Lock to learn more about your security options.